Self Registration for Medical Marijuana via Compassionate Certification Centers


I am a first time patient at Compassionate Certification Centers

Do you have a copy of your State issued or Government Issued ID? (Caregiver should upload their ID.)

Do you have Proof of residency? (utility bill, other supporting documentation for our review)

Do you need help in completing your registration?

1. Do you have copies of your Awarded condition?

Valid proof of your awarded condition is either:

  • A copy of your 'Summary of Assessment'; and/or
  • A copy of your 'Decision Letter' (for each claimed condition)

Do you have proof of your release?

valid proof of your release may be any of the following:

  • Canadian Forces 'Release Message'
  • 'Certificate of Service'

Please have a look at the CF/RCMP Veteran with Awarded Condition Guide
This should help you obtain the required documents to complete the application.

I have a Referral, Diagnosis or Prescription from my Health Care Provider.

I have a copy of my Diagnosis

Complete Registration

I am here for a follow up visit or other reason

No match found for this code. Please check you have entered the correct code, and also note that:
  • If you are a caregiver: your subject of care must have already submitted their registration for this code to work.
  • If your file has been accepted already your code will no longer work; if you completed your registration and received a confirmation email please await contact.
  • If your file was rejected, the code will no longer work.